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Dog Box Paintings

"Clearly inspired by Warhol," Hayes Trotter came to the attention of The Food Channel's "Unrapped" series with his series of dog paintings on snack and cereal boxes. Strong lines, vibrant colors, and a sense of whimsy that can't help but feel like something of a commentary on consumerist culture -- though, to be sure, Hayes' range "extends beyond box painting to vibrant and intriguing portraits and images," including works in oil on the more traditional canvas.
These sculpture/paintings are created on recycled cereal and snack boxes, creating unique three dimensional art that incorporates a pop Warhol style.... yet also pays homage to classic style oil painters. The result - refreshing pieces of art from a completely original perspective.
Hayes Trotter studied painting, sculpture and art history in North Carolina, and was granted a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from Davidson College. He studied fine arts in Paris for an additional six months before returning to the United States to create his first "box painting." In 2008, Trotter joined the Studio Arts faculty at Valor Christian High School, Colorado, as teacher/designer. Hayes Trotter has shown his work in galleries in both North Carolina and Colorado, and is represented at Jordan Art Partners:

Basset Hound in Oil on Canvas

Basset Hound portrait - Oil paint on canvas UK dog portrait painter Justine Osborne will work from a photograph of your dog to create an oil painting on stretched canvas, ready to frame or in the "chunky" style of the modern gallery.

Fascinated with the dogs' different personalities, artist and painter Justine Osborne BA specialises in oil paintings of dogs. She successfully conveys the spirit and depth of expression that is unique to each dog, creating eye-catching and contemporary canine images.

Her own Basset Hound, Minnie, is a convenient model who may have sparked the artist's passion for painting dog portraits... but the artist's Gallery is rich with stylish portraits of breeds from "Erasmo" (10" x 14" portrait of a Great Dane) to "Joey" (12" x 16" portrait of a tiny white Bichon Frise), and many more.

Artists to Watch: Lorena Pugh

Art & Frame Review magazine has an online archive of feature articles, including a series on Artists to Watch. Our eye was caught by the work of Lorena Pugh — Dog art, original and as limited-edition prints:art by Lorena Pugh: Purebred Editions

"I'm going to go hungry, I might as well be painting... Soon I had cow posters, cow calendars, cow T-shirts and everything else cow before I 'moooved' on ­(sorry)­ to other animals."

Cows were paying the bills (so were pigs, ducks and bunnies), but when Pugh decided to paint something she truly loved, she picked her dog, Lucy...

The painting was noticed by a catalog company, "In the Company of Dogs," that urged her to paint more canine art. "I find that dogs afford an endless supply of character studies and a lovely outlet for my peculiar sense of humor," Pugh said.

Lorena has always liked working in oils. "I love the ability to get fine detail, as well as a juicy, painterly effect," she said. "I like how it's a forgiving medium and that there's a long, wonderful history of its use. I do work in watercolors for many of my commissions, though. It's so much quicker for me than oils."

Win an Oil Painting of Your Pet

Dog Portait Contest from HartzLove for our companion animals was the inspiration for a remarkable, new sweepstakes from The Hartz Mountain Corporation. Pet lovers have a chance to win an original oil painting of their pet by renowned artist, Jon DeMartin, when they enter the "Win a Portrait of Your Pet" sweepstakes.

"Pet owners consider their pets as part of the family and often include them in family portraits," said Dr. Albert Ahn, Hartz® Vice President of Corporate Communications . "We wanted to offer pet owners the chance to honor their pet with a beautiful oil painting that can be a keepsake for many years to come."

Visitors to will be able to enter the sweepstakes by signing up for the Hartz online e-Newsletter between now and December 31, 2005. The e-Newsletter, recently re-launched by Hartz®, offers the latest pet advice and expert news, along with special coupons to pet owners. The newsletter provides valuable information about dogs, cats, small animals, birds, reptiles and fish.

The winner will submit photos from which the masterpiece will be painted. The finished portrait will be framed and have an approximate retail value $4,500.

"I'm looking forward to giving the winner a painting of their pet that they can display proudly in their home," said Jon De Martin, a recognized artist whose work is exhibited in galleries in New York, San Francisco and
Alexandria VA. De Martin is also an instructor at the New York Academy of Art.

Sweepstakes is subject to official sweepstakes rules as posted at Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted.

Pet Portraits by Wildermuth

In addition to custom pet portraits, Leanne Wildermuth offers signed prints of certain of her nature and animal paintings for sale, and maintains a weblog that follows both her personal life and her artistic works in progress.

A self-taught artist who paints mainly in oils, Wildermuth is a Juried Member of MidCoast Fine Arts. Works in progress include custom commissioned pet portraits in addition to varied endangered, domestic and backyard wildlife.

My work wanders somewhere between realism and hyperrealism, meandering on occasion into surrealism, abstract, and whimsical works. My desire is to portray things exactly as they are, with an intense attention to detail. I pride myself on my ability to capture the soul of each animal by focusing in closely on the subject, eliminating the distraction of background elements.