Dog Box Paintings

"Clearly inspired by Warhol," Hayes Trotter came to the attention of The Food Channel's "Unrapped" series with his series of dog paintings on snack and cereal boxes. Strong lines, vibrant colors, and a sense of whimsy that can't help but feel like something of a commentary on consumerist culture -- though, to be sure, Hayes' range "extends beyond box painting to vibrant and intriguing portraits and images," including works in oil on the more traditional canvas.
These sculpture/paintings are created on recycled cereal and snack boxes, creating unique three dimensional art that incorporates a pop Warhol style.... yet also pays homage to classic style oil painters. The result - refreshing pieces of art from a completely original perspective.
Hayes Trotter studied painting, sculpture and art history in North Carolina, and was granted a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from Davidson College. He studied fine arts in Paris for an additional six months before returning to the United States to create his first "box painting." In 2008, Trotter joined the Studio Arts faculty at Valor Christian High School, Colorado, as teacher/designer. Hayes Trotter has shown his work in galleries in both North Carolina and Colorado, and is represented at Jordan Art Partners: