Light-Hearted Dogs in Papier-Mache: Sculptures by Steve Wirtz

End of a Sunday Afternoon Nap 2
approx. 16" tall
papier mache, 2006
Steve Wirtz, the Wisconsin paper mache sculpture artist whose Papier-Mache Dog Sculpture tutorial was featured on HGTV, has a sense of humour to his work that can't be mistaken.

Steve Wirtz creates his whimsical papier-mache works to represent a wide range of animals, but it seems clear that he has a special affinity for dogs — in fact, his ability to capture both the grace and the goofyness of the greyhound leads one to suspect the artist of being a greyhound owner, himself.

Here, the cat shows his true feelings about the goofy greyhound who's napping on the couch in that charcteristic "cockroach" pose.

People often ask me which is my favorite sculpture that I've done. I usually answer "the next one." The best thing about being an artist is the constant evolution of your creativity and skill.

"Immortalize your dog," Wirtz says, by way of inviting pet portrait commissions. He has been creating pet sculptures by special order for more than twenty years.

"My work tends to lean toward the silly side of life," he advises. "If you're looking for a totally realistic rendition of your pet, you're in the wrong place." We very much like that lighthearted place that Wirtz and his dogs are in!