Poodle with a Mohawk by Barry

Anyone who made a claim to be remotely "hip" in the early 1980s should have a vivid memory of Lynda Barry's quirky poodle cartoon, with its laugh-out-loud quote-in-the-bars caption:
He's small.
He's black.
He's mad as hell.
He's Poodle with a Mohawk.
You'll never call him Fifi again!
Barry's current artwork has been featured regularly on Salon.com, and a selection of these were collected in One! Hundred! Demons!, published in 2000.

Sadly, the popular "Poodle with a Mohawk" poster and T-shirt are now out of print, as is Big Ideas, the book whose back cover boasted the "menacing poodle" image. Although occasionally found on eBay, representations of the Poodle with a Mohawk are soon snapped up by eager fans of the American cartoonist.